Ostap Shutko and “DOMA” trio will perform in Mukachevo again (PHOTOS)

On September 16, lovers of classical music as performed by violinist Ostap Shutko will have the opportunity to attend the concert of the famous musician. This time on stage with Ostap "DOMA" trio under the direction of Serhiy Dobosh will perform.

At a press conference, Deputy Mayor of Mukachevo Mykhailo Labosh said that "thanks to these musicians’ concerts the city developes culturally, the authorities see great interest of the community in Shutko’s art and therefore they will continue to encourage the similar cultural events in the city." Despite the fact that these concerts are commercial, and not free, the hall is crowded every time. 

 Many compositions will be performed by trio, quartet or quintet. Details are not disclosed, the musicians keep intrigue and promise a lot of interesting and new material. 


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