“Open Night”: films will be screened in Uzhgorod at the same time as at the film festival in Kyiv (ANNOUNCEMENT)

On Saturday, June 30, Uzhgorod residents are invited to watch high-quality films until morning.

The venue is Smart Point, at Shvabska st., 25. The beginning is at 21.00. The event is the "Take 21" Open Night film festival, which will take place in the capital, but Uzhgorod will join it too.

The event organizers inform:

In 2018, the "Take 21" Open Night film festival will take place on June 30 to July 1 at the capital’s Art Pier. At the same time as in Kyiv, short films of Ukrainian filmmakers will be screened in 80 venues of Ukraine and abroad.

The Open Night film festival was founded in June 1997 as an overview of the most interesting achievements of Ukrainian cinema. Today, the festival is a kind of laboratory for testing new ideas and finding young talents that can become the new faces of Ukrainian and world cinema.

The "Take 21" Open Night will feature short films made in 2017-2018. First of all, those, that will keep you awake at night, offering the audience a dialogue, a polemic, a paradox, a toy, that they have not played yet, but today there is one common criterion that we can offer to distinguished members of the Jury, the audience and the participants: after the beginning war, baskets for volunteer aid to our fighters on the front appeared in large stores. People put in these baskets various useful things. The question "Can I put my movie in this basket?" is today the most relevant one for the "Open Night".

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