One thing for sure: Ukraine must win

We need your support as long as it takes to put an end to Russia’s evil

The Emperor has no clothes! It’s all about Russia again. From the second-strongest army in the world to the second-strongest army in Ukraine. From the bright artificial image fuelled by propaganda for decades to an outcast for the whole world. From sending countless soldiers to march and wave on Ukrainian streets to getting a slap and 223K plastic bags. We know they are afraid now. We are not.

Whatever shit happens inside Russia, our big mission is still here — we must win in Ukraine. We have no other choice than win. We have no other destiny than win — and we will! 🇺🇦

Now, in this critical moment, we need the support of the world we defend on our front line, just as we protect peace, freedom and values we share.

Spread Ukrainian statements. Donate. Organise rallies. Send humanitarian aid. Be a volunteer. Advocate for giving more weapons to Ukraine, including long-range missiles and F-16s.

#StandWithUkraine while Ukraine stands for you. We are stronger together. Thank you!