One of the new streets in Uzhgorod is proposed to be named after Mykhailo Suslikov and Levko Lukyanenko

The public discussion of the proposals on the naming of new streets of Uzhgorod after Levko Lukyanenko and Mykhailo Suslikov is being held now.

The public discussions are held from October 29 to December 28, – the department of city planning and architecture of Uzhgorod city council inform

Levko Lukyanenko (24.08.1928 – 07.07.2018) was a Ukrainian political and public figure, writer, Soviet dissident, fighter for Ukraine’s independence in the 20th century, co-founder of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, people’s deputy of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine. The author of the "Declaration of Independence of Ukraine". Laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize.

Mykhailo Suslikov (01.01.1922 – 16.07.2018) was a Ukrainian choreographer, People’s Artist of Ukraine, the artistic director of the Honored Amateur Dance Ensemble "Yunist Zakarpattya".

Please, send comments and suggestions to:

88013, the city of Uzhgorod, Nebesna Sotnya st., 4, Department of Urban Development and Architecture of Uzhgorod City Council;

Phone: 61-61-44, 61-71-03;


Comments and suggestions from legal entities and individuals are accepted until 21.12.2018.

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