One of the missing residents of Kyiv is a 70-year-old mountaineering instructor

The fact that two Kyiv residents, vacationing at the ski lodge in the village of Pylypets (Mizhhirya district), had gone to the mountains and never returned, was reported to rescuers by an acquainted of the tourists. One of the missing is a 70-year-old mountaineering instructor, the other one is his friend of 43-44. The men took ski equipment, went toward the Hemba mountain and did not return. There is no way to communicate with them.

According to the spokeswoman of the Transcarpathian Regional Directorate of State Emergencies Service Natalia Batyr, currently four groups of rescuers are searchnig for the tourists. Foresters and local residents are helping the rescuers, 12 vehicles are involved in the operation.

Recall that in Transcarpathia, they continue to search for the 24-year-old Czech Ondrej Dubansky, who on January 10 had gone to walk near the Temnatyk mountain and disappeared. As reported, January 12 in the Carpathians two snowboarders were caught by an avalanche. One of them died.

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