One month old child died in the fire in Rakhiv district

At 9:35 p.m., on August 6 in the village of Chorna Tysa in Rakhiv district took place a fire which caused burns to one-month baby that are not compatible with life. According to preliminary information ignition occurred as a result of violations of fire safety when using heating equipment.

As it turned out that evening woman fueled stove, and left the mansion for some time, and when she returned, the house in which there were two babies 2012 and 2010 birth has already been consumed by fire. Without a delay woman brought the babies on the fresh air and called an ambulance and rescuers. One month old Yuriy was hospitalized to the intensive care department of Rakhiv hospital. Doctors diagnosed thermal burns of third degree of head, face, trunk upper and lower limbs. Unfortunately, all attempts of doctors to save the child’s life were in vain, about six in the morning she died.

The material damage and cause of fire is under investigation. In order to reduce the number of fires and the tragic consequences from them, the Office of State Technology Safety in Transcarpathian region turns to dwellers with a request to be especially careful in dealing with fire and strictly comply with fire safety rules. Do not leave children unattended! Keep yourself, your family and friends in safe!

Office of State Technology Safety in Transcarpathian region

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