One exhibition, many offers (PHOTOS)

Natalia Maslova – the former head of the hospital pharmacy, and now retiree – presented her first solo exhibition of personally made dolls in the District Historical Museum. 

Frame, Korean, interior dolls, remnants and related material, even nylon stockings – everything is used and in the skilled hands of the master turns into beautiful dolls, gnomes, Gypsies, modern boys and girls with popular trend – marine motif, Ukrainian folklore characters, happy newlyweds, a seductive blonde under the scorching sun and the symbol of Christmas.

Among the visitors, there are schoolchildren, community activists, and the master’s good friends. At the presentation of the exhibition, the head of the public organization "Vynogradivski Patsyorky" Irina Izhhanaytis invited the craftswoman to join their society and take part in all joint exhibitions.  But that was not all the good news for Natalia Maslova. Svyatoslav Hal –

the Director of the City House of Culture, deputy of Vynogradiv City Council – asked her to make characters for the local puppet theater.

This exhibition of frame, Korean, interiors and other dolls from Natalia Maslova will last in the Sistrict Historical Museum until the end of this year.  


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