One deputy costs the budget more than 2,000 UAH a day

One deputy costs the state budget 2,039 hryvnias per day.

This is reported by the newspaper "Segodnya".

As reported, this amount includes salaries of MPs and their assistants, travel expenses, including flights, medical treatment, treatment in sanatoriums, telephone communication, hotel accommodations and even stationery. "That is, deputies, at least while being in their professional capacity, do not need to spend neither on gasoline, nor on flights, nor on hospital, nor on phone conversations, nor even on pens and notebooks," – the newspaper informs.


For the calculation, they used the minimum deputy’s wage – 14,000 UAH – without bonuses for seniority and position, and multiplied it by 12 months. To this amount they added the annual expenses from the treasury (including benefits, office expenses, accommodation and salary of assistants). The total sum was divided by 365 days, the newspaper reported.

Deputies do not complain about their salary, but insist that considering their expenses it is not that much of money.
However, as deputies admit anonymously, most of the salary is spent on expensive clothes and accessories.

"Because of their status, deputies can not look bad. So we have to splurge on a good brand suits, shoes, watches," – one of the MPs said.

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