Once again about water supply in Uzhgorod 16-storeyed building: version of the City Council

The problem of the 16-storeyed building on Svoboda Avenue, where residents may be left without water supply, is being dealt with by the utility company "Vodokanal of Uzhgorod" and the Department of municipal economy of Uzhgorod city council.

As informed by the director of the water utility Stanislav Kartashov, in order to ensure normal water supply to residents of the 16-storeyed building on Svoboda Avenue in Uzhgorod, it is necessary to install modern pumps.
The pumping station, which is located in the boiler room on B.Khmelnitsky square and supplies water to the 16-storeyed building, has been in operation for over 30 years, the pumping equipment is obsolete and can fail at any time.   
Back in 2016, the water unility planned to replace the equipment with modern, energy-efficient one to ensure trouble-free water supply to the 16-storeyed building. However, due to lack of funding, the project was not implemented last year. The funds were allocated from the city budget in the 2nd quarter of 2017. The total project cost is approximately 320,000 UAH. The modern pump station has already been purchased and is expected to be installed by the company, without the involvement of contractors. 
On Tuesday, June 27, at the meeting of the commission, which was organized by the Director of the Housing, Construction and Infrastructure Department of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Eduard Malyar, with representatives of the Department of Municipal Economy of Uzhgorod City Council and the MU "Vodokanal of Uzhgorod", representatives of condominium were offered two solutions to the problem.
The first is to place the equipment in the basement of the high rise, the second is to build a separate room near the 16-storeyed building. The water utility is willing to build these auxiliary facilities.
However, the chairman and members of the condominium did not agree. And they did not give a clear answer about their vision of the solution to the problem, the director of the water utility said. So now, some residents of the apartment building may be left without water supply because without pumping station, they can supply water only up to the fifth floor. The management of the water utility and representatives of city authorities have suggested ways to solve the problem. Now it’s up to the management of the condominium and the tenants.

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