On Werke with community

Canel Werke, a Beregovo waterway connecting Borzhava and Latoritsa, is the main environmental problem of the town. It is this canel where, due to the lack of sewerage and sewage treatment plants, people pour waste. The canel, which was created by hand in 1892 and later paved with stones on the banks, used to be clean and attractive, but in recent years it has become a disgrace to the tourist Carpathian town.
Reconstruction and cleaning of Werke projects has been developed for a long time. However, none of them gave a positive result. Now one more big project with an estimate of about 8 million hryvnia is in the process of creating.

‘This year we just have to approve the project for beautification and cleaning of the canel Werke – said the mayor Istvan Gaydosh. – Because we want to approach this matter comprehensively. We don’t want just to free the waterway from sewage and garbage and the banks – from garbage, but also equip the surrounding infrastructure.’
However, there is no necessary money in the budget of the city. They don’t know whether they will be found the next year. In the meantime, the citizens joined to clean the canel. In particular, the deputy city council Pfeyfauf Joseph, who lives on Shevchenko street decided to set an example – for his own money he hired workers, who are cleaning debris from the bank, which has been piling over the years. Now you can see firsthand how historic waterfront Werke looked a hundred years ago, paved with stone, with steps into the water. To continue, the help of those who care is needed.

‘We are planning to distribute the territory from the district administration building to the thermal pools into patches and attract sponsors – said Joseph Pfeyfauf. – Someone could help physically, someone – with money. Any help would be great. In particular, the city organization UMDS is ready to collect 1100 ryvnia, we also received a preliminary agreement to join the action by the members of ‘Yedynyy Centr’, I think, The Party of Regions will not mind helping either… Of course, this does not solve all the problems of Werke. However, the guiding principle is: a large problem should be broken into small ones, so it is easier to solve them. Therefore, if we manage it by the May holidays, when the channel will be filled with the water from Borzhava, it will be good. And then let the government join…’

Today a certain result has already been achieved. The banks of Werke look much better. However, until all the sewer drains are blocked in the waterway, these treatment methods are only temporary. For this reason, much will depend on the urban and even regional authorities.

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