On weekend, a free training “Development of media campaigns” will be held in Uzhgorod

June 11-12, 2016, the training "Development of media campaigns" from the School of Media Patriots will take place in Uzhgorod central city library.

The topic is not random and is very interesting and relevant. For every day, information sources shape our consciousness through various means of mass communication. For a long time, we have been convinced that he who owns the information, owns the world. But now that digital and interactive communications technologies have rapidly burst into our lives, now everybody owns the information.

We even complain that it falls on us as a mighty avalanche, constantly changing and dragging us in many varying configurations so we can no longer tell the truth from lies. And at these training sessions you will learn and be able to practice techniques of media technologies. The moderator of the training is a known public figure, Advisor for Information Work, assistant coach of Vsevolod Zelenin training-studio, project manager of the School of Media Patriots Yevhen Bondarenko.

The admission is free.

Our address: Uzhgorod, Voloshin st., 20 (Passage) Uzhgorod central city library.

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