On Wednesday, Yuriy Izdryk will present a new book in Uzhgorod

On Wednesday, May 11, at 18:00, in Uzhgorod, in the development and art center "Nebo" (Shvabska Street, 15, 2nd floor), there will be a literary discussion and presentation of the new book of Yuriy Izdryk "Summa" (co-authored with journalist Yevhenia Nesterovich ). The authors will be accompanied by the President of the International literary Corporation MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ Svyatoslav Pomerantsev.

 "SUMMA" is the book version of the joint multimedia project of the writer Yuriy Izdryk and the journalist Yvehenia Nesterovich. The attempt to study the syncretic and synthetic "theory of everything" was intended, among other things, to create a sort of a guide "for those who accidentally ended up on this planet." "SUMMA" is this guide and a synopsis of the whole project," – the abstract of the book announces.



The press conference in Uzhgorod will take place on May 11, at 14:00 in Uzhgorod Press Club (Zhupanatska Square, 15/4).

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