On Wednesday, in Uzhgorod, the “Mystery of Erdelyi” will be revealed (Announcement)

On June 29, in the memorial house-museum of Andriy Kotska, there will be the presentation of the book by Oleksandr Havrosh "Mystery of Erdelyi." The book was published on the occassion of the 125th anniversary of the founder of the Transcarpathian school of painting Adalbert Erdelyi. The book was published by the "Publishing House of Oleksandr Harkusha."

The abstract states: "Mystery of Erdelyi" is another book in a series of the documentary books of Oleksandr Havrosh about famous countrymen. After Oleksandr Dukhnovich and Ivan Strong (Firtsak), the known Transcarpathian writer and journalist decided to tell about one of the most talented Ukrainian artists of the twentieth century – Adalbert Erdelyi (1891-1955). Information content, clarity, conciseness, accessibility – these features make the "Mystery of Erdelyi" interesting not only for art lovers but also for a wider community of readers."

The beginning is at 16.00. 

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