On Thursday the repair works on Shvabska street will be resumed

Uzhgorod Mayor Victor Pogorelov explained why repairs of water systems on Shvabska street, had not lasted 2 days as promised, but more than a week. "The duration of repairs was due to the fact that for decades various branches of service have been performing works here, and these works have not been mapped. Now we liquidate the consequences. That is why the works were done a week later," said the mayor, at the briefing held today, August 31. 

Now Shvabska is ready for further work, but it is not closed only because of the on-going works on Mukachivska street.  

However, Pogorelov admitted that the timing of all the works is difficult to predict. "But everything will be done. I demanded the plan of the works on Shvabska was on my desktop. The street will be blocked on Thursday if everything goes well" – promised the mayor. 

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