On the second anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity, former Party of Regions mebers strengthened their positions in Transcarpathia

The parties, formed on the ruins of the Yanukovych’s former politicial project Party of Regions – "Vidrodzhennya" and "Opposition bloc" – are winning elections of district council chairmen in Transcarpathia.

In all district councils, where chairmen have already been elected, "Vidrodzhennya" and "Oppositional bloc" are supported, oddly enough, by members of the pro-government "Solidarnist" and the Radical Party.  Through these agreements, "Vidrodzhennya" has already received four chairmen of district councils.

Thus, the first union was formed in Volovets district. Former Party of Regions member, and now a member of the "Vidrodzhennya" Ivan Lopita was elected the chairman of the district council.   

14 deputies voted for Ivan Lopita, a member of the "Vidrodzhennya", who in the days of the Yanukovych’s regime worked as the first deputy head of Volovets district state administration. The "United Center", which won four parliamentary seats, three deputies from the "Batkivshchyna", 3 representatives of the party "Nash Krai", and 3 deputies of the "Opposition bloc" will be in the minority.

The union of "Solidarnist", "Vidrodzhennya", "Opposition block" and Radical Party elected former head of the district state administration Ruslan Chornaka as the chairman of Uzhgorod district council. 20 of 36 ​​deputies voted for him.

This week, former head of Vynogradiv district state administration, a representative of the "Vidrodzhennya" Vitaliy Lyubka was elected the chairman of Vynogradiv District Council.  Deputies from the "Vidrodzhennya", "Solidarnist" and the Democratic Party of Hungarians of Ukraine voted for Lyubka. In total, 20 deputies.

And on Thursday, the "Vidrodzhennya" received the fourth head of the district council.

In Perechyn district, a coalition of the ruling "Solidarnist", which won 10 seats, and the "Vidrodzhennya" of 10 deputies has been formed. In total, 34 deputies were elected to the district council.

A representative of the "Vidrodzhennya" Mykhailo Laskin, who works as the chief of the district department of veterinary medicine, became the chairman of the district council.

The "United Center" currently has a leading position only in Mukachevo district council. On Thursday, Ivan Mykhailo was elected the chairman of Mukachevo district council for the third time. A total of 39 deputies were elected to the council. The "United Center" with 18 deputies and 4 deputies of the "KMKS" formed a coalition. 22 deputies voted for the candidacy of Ivan Mykhailo.

And the "Solidarnist", has received the chairman of the district council only in Khust district.   The coalition of the "Solidarnist", the "Opposition block", the Radical Party, the "Batkivshchyna" of 20 deputies voted for a representative of the "Solidarnist" Oleksandr Patskan and he became the chairman of the district council. A representative of the Batkivshchyna" Ivan Rogach became the deputy chairman.

In other district councils, the formation of coalitions continues. 

In Svalyava district council, the "Vidrodzhennya" and the "Opposition bloc" form the majority

In Svalyava district council, two political allies received 16 of 34 seats – the party "Vidrodzhennya" – 8 seats and the "Opposition bloc" – 8 seats. They will form the management of the council. The "United Center" received 8 seats in the council. The pro-government "Solidarnist" and the party "Batkivshchyna" received 5 seats in the council each.

In Velyky Berezny district, the Agrarian party and the "Solidarnist" received 10 seats out of 34 each. The "United Center" has 8 seats. The "Opposition bloc" and the Radical Party will be represented by three deputies each.

The political party "United Center" received 15 of the 42 seats in Tyachiv district council. "Solidarnist" and "Batkivshchyna" received 9 seats each. "Vidrodzhennya", "Opposition bloc" and "Samopomich" received 3 seats each. The first number of the "United Center" list, former head of Tyachiv District State Administration Vasyl Yovdiy may be elected the chairman of the District Council

Beregovo district council also remains without chairman. 34 deputies were elected to the council. The "KMKS" received 12 mandates, the "United Center" – 8, the Democratic Party of the Hungarians of Ukraine – 7, the "Vidrodzhennya" – 4 and 3 – "Solidarnist".

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