On the occasion of the holiday, Transcarpathians have received state awards

On the occasion of Independence Day of Ukraine, the President signed a decree on decoration of citizens with state awards.

Among the recipients, there are seven Transcarpathians.

Artist Taras Danilich received the title of "People’s Artist of Ukraine".

The honorary title of "Honored Journalist of Ukraine" was awarded to Oles Ladyzhets – correspondent of the newspaper "Sribna Zemlya", and Vitaly Meshcheryakov – the executive director of the National Television Company of Ukraine branch "Transcarpathian Regional Directorate".

The title of "Honored Doctor Ukraine" was awarded to Nataliya Lesyo-Markush – doctor of Uzhgorod city maternity hospital.

The director of the State Enterprise "Ukrainian state diversified publishing house "Karpaty" Victor Braslavets was awarded with the title of "Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine."

The title of "Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine" was awarded to Bogdan Delenko – the headmaster of Khust special boarding school of the Transcarpathian Regional Council.

The title of "Honored Artist of Ukraine" was awarded to Victoria Tsanko – conductor of the symphony orchestra of the Transcarpathian Regional Philharmonic.

Recall that another seven Transcarpathians received state awards yesterday

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