On the International Children’s Day, a master class on toy making will be held in Uzhgorod

On June 1, in the yard of the Regional Ethographic Museum, there will be a master class "Traditional Transcarpathian toy", which will be organized for the third time by the Department of Culture and the Service for Children of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration with the support of the museum staff and members of the regional branch of the National Union of Folk Art of Ukraine.

This year’s mster class is to be attended by about 70 children from orphanages and family-type children’s homes from different districts, including IDPs from Eastern Ukraine.

At 11.00, there will be the grand opening of the holiday, during which representatives of the families will release doves into the sky – as a symbol of peace.

In addition to the master class on making of traditional Transcarpathian toys, children will take part in entertainment and games with actors of the Academic Puppet Theater "Bavka." They will also see the exhibition of works by best masters of the region and take a tour of Uzhgorod castle. Also, the participants will receive prizes from the organizers and have a festive dinner. 

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