On the Day of Unity in Uzhgorod they unfurled a huge banner (PHOTOS)

Today in Uzhgorod local organizations of opposition parties commemorated the Day of Unity by unfurling the largest in the Transcarpathian region flag of Ukraine and stretching the symbolic ribbon of the Unity between the banks of the Uzh.

However, the event was preceded by a rather unpleasant incident. At this very time city public utilities needed to dismantle a Christmas tree on Teatralna Square near the site of the event. According to Uzhgorod city council deputy Rostislav Bulanov, the workers told that they had received the appropriate instruction from the Mayor Victor Pogorelov and his deputy Vitaliy Semal. Bulanov called Semal and asked him if in his opinion it was appropriate to perform these works during the campaign, which involved four opposition forces. It worked, and the dismantling was suspended.

At the event, local leaders of the party branches talked about the need to unite all patriotic Ukrainians against the authorities pursuing only their own vested interests etc. After a brief rally, the participants with the yellow and blue ribbon in the hands crossed the footbridge, symbolically uniting the two banks, and sang a hymn of Ukraine. The campaign did not attract many people. Visually, there were about two or three hundred.  


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