On the border with Hungary, illegal immigrants were detained again

Last weekend, Chop border guards detained illegal immigrants from Asia and Africa, who were going to the EU.

In the first case, two men without IDs were detained by "green berets" of the department "Tisa", stationed in Solomonovo. As it turned out after the arrest, the detainees had arrived to the border town of Chop and tried to bypass checkpoints to get to Hungary. Regarding their nationality, they reported that they were from Iran, and planned the route using internet service Google maps.

Another offender, who wanted to settle in Western Europe, was detained at the checkpoint "Tisa". Border guards questioned the authenticity of the ID card of the citizen of Spain, with which a passenger of a bus tried to leave Ukraine. During the check of the document, border guards found out that it was a fake. As the detained offender explained, he was a citizen of Nigeria and tried to use the forged document in order to get to Spain.

The offenders were taken to the border guard units, they are being identified. Their further fate and responsibility under the law will be determined by the court.

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