On Teatralna square, they making rag dolls: the money – to soldiers (PHOTOS)

Rag doll is a Ukrainian folk doll, a symbol of feminine wisdom, a family guardian. Today, on Teatralna Sq. in Uzhgorod, anyone could buy a ready-made, or make their own rag doll.

The initiator of the master class is the set designer of the Transcarpathian Academic Puppet Theater "Bavka" Tetyana Porynets.  This weekend, she was invited to conduct a workshop in Mukachevo, and decided to do the same in Uzhgorod.

Tetyana says that making of one doll takes a little more than half an hour.

In the regional center of Transcarpathia today, they were buying and making rag dolls. Guests from Kyiv were also making dolls.

According to Tetyana, such rag dolls are traditionally made without eyes, there is a white cloth or a cross instead of them. If they make them with eyes, then, according to popular belief, evil can enter the doll.

 The cost of one master class is 50 UAH, a ready made doll – 30 UAH.

All funds raised at the charity event will be used to buy military equipment.

This weekend, a similar event will be held in Mukachevo, and tomorrow, in Uzhgorod, from 10 to 17.00, you can once again join the initiative and help the army by making an amulet in the form of a rag doll either for yourselves or for your loved ones. Also, you can make a doll as a talisman for soldiers.

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