On spring positivity, bright petals and… empty wallets

Cloudy day, gray clouds. Do you miss bright colors too? I’ll tell you where to go to see them! 


There are a lot of flowers now in the markets and just on the streets. This is where you should go for bright images and impressions. So let’s find out what kind of flowers can be bought these days. And admire these colors of the whole spectrum…

First, we noticed hyacinths. You can buy them for 50-60 hryvnias.


Too expensive? Sorry, but I have a sad news for you – all the flowers this year are more expensive than last year. You can look for primroses. They are 25-30 UAH. But most pot flowers are at least fifty.


Or buy a tricolored violet for 8 hryvnias. Beautiful and affordable. Or a carnation for 20 UAH. I heard that some people love this flower not only as a spice…

But the real kings of flower markets in March are tulips! All kinds – from white and pale pink to deep purple, from smooth to gracefully fringed. Prices vary accordingly – from 30 and up to 90 UAH per flower. There are also small bouquets within this price range. There is something to choose from. See for yourself:


And for a hundred, you can buy callas, cyclamens and other flowers, whose names I do not even remember.


And are even ordinary willow buds are nice and attractive. Which you can buy at for 15 UAH for a bunch…


Saffrons and snowdrops cost the same… But in this case I advise you to listen to your own conscience – buying endangered flowers is motivating poachers to further destruction.


Giving flowers is sharing joy. Give joy and smiles. Like these three young gentlemen who have already made their flower choices

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Have more positivity in your life!

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