On March 14, deputies of Uzhgorod City Council will determine the salary for Shchadey

The session of Uzhgorod city council will be held on March 14 – the City Hall reported.

 The announcement states: On March 14, 2014, at 10.00, in the great hall of the Municipal Executive Committee, there will be the seventh plenary meeting of the twentieth session of Uzhgorod City Council of the VI convocation with the following list of issues: 

 1. On the regulation of land relations. 
 2. On amendments to the decision of the City Council dd. 29.03.2013 № 882. 
 3. On the manager of the affairs of the Executive Committee. 
 4. On the salary of the Secretary of the City Council. 
 5. Miscellaneous. 

As you know, now Victor Shchadey is the secretary of the city council and the acting mayor, therefore it is planned to determine the salary for him. Also recall that at the last plenary session, the City Council extended the moratorium on land issues, or rather, suspended the allocation of plots

The document on what commissions and with which members are planned to be established can be found HERE

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