On Kapushanska street. a broken tree causes inconviniences (PHOTOS)

An old tree fell on one of the main streets of Uzhgorod.

On Kapushanska street, opposite the baby shop "Stas", near the pizzeria "Bellamy", yesterday around 19:00, people saw a maple, which pitched its abundant green leaves both on the sidewalk and on the roadway.  Judging from dried gap, it has been there either since the morning or even since the last night (when there was a strong wind), but there is no one to remove it.

Fortunately, there was no cars there. None of pedestrians was hurt, but residents complain why there is nobody to remove the fallen tree from the road.

This is not the only case when trees fall in the city. Recall that less than a week ago a tree fell on 4 vehicles. It happened on the parking lot, located on Hrushevsky street.


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