On Christmas Eve, Transcarpathian police detained only three drunk drivers

The Communications Department of the Transcarpathian regional police reported on the work on January 6 and informs that during the past day, police officers recorded cases of driving in a state of alcohol intoxication in Khust, Irshava and Velyky Berezny districts.

Yesterday, an accident happened in the village of Krainykovo, Khust district: a car "Fond Mondeo" with foreign registration drove off the road to the roadside and hit a boy who was walking there. Then the car drove into the ditch.

A crew of patrol police witnessed this accident. They immediately detained the perpetrator of the accident.

The car was driven by a drunk 23-year-old resident of the nearby village of Danilovo.  The young man was driving without a driver’s license, which he was deprived of for a similar offense two years ago. 

During the medical examination in the hospital, 1.7 ppm of alcohol was found in the violator’s blood. The police officers drew up the appropriate reports of administrative offenses against the driver for the commission of an accident, driving in the state of intoxication and without proper documents. The car was taken to the police impound lot.

The injured child is in the hospital. Fortunately, the injuries received as a result of the accident were not serious. Doctors are treating the boy.

The second drunk driver was detained by the patrol police response team in the village of Chornoholova in Velyky Berezny district. Around midnight, the patrol policemen noticed a car "VAZ-2106" with a taillight off. The driver was stopped. It was a resident of the neighboring village of Bukovtsevo, who did not have a driver’s license at all and was in a state of intoxication. 1.57 ppm of alcohol was found in his blood, the policemen drew up an appropriate report of an administrative offense for driving driving in the state of intoxication. The car was taken to the police impound lot.

The third drunk driver was arrested by Irshava policemen. In the evening, in the village of Pryborzhavske, the police officers of the response team stopped a minibus "Merсеdes Sprinter", which had turned to the main road without the turn signal on. It was driven by a local resident who did not have any documents and was in a state of intoxication. During a medical examination at the hospital, 1.6 ppm of alcohol was found in his blood. The appropriate reports of admininstrative offenses were drawn up.

All reports of administrative violations against the offenders under Art.130 of the CAO (driving under influence) will be sent to court.

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