On August 6 Shvabska Street in the regional center will have one-way traffic

At the meeting of the Executive Committee this Wednesday, on August 1, it was decided to limit the traffic on Mukachevskaya Street. On August 6 there will be a repair, so the street will be completely blocked. As the mayor Victor Pogorelov said, they will not only change the road surface, but also establish new electric pillars and repair the pavement on Mukachevskaya Street.

Traffic on Mukachevskaya Street will be closed from August 6 to August 15, by that time repairs should be completed. Vehicles will move on Shvabska Street, which at this time will have one-way traffic and movement will be allowed only in the direction from the center towards Minayskaya Street.

Immediately after completion of repairs on Mukachevskaya Street, Shvabska Street will be blocked – a lot of reconstructions have been planned there, both of the street and the water pipeline on it. Traffic police has been instructed to install appropriate signs and to regulate traffic in accordance with these plans, – informs the press service of Uzhgorod City Council, because, as uzhgorod.in has already mentioned, journalists were not invited to the meeting.

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