Olga Freimut drive betted then Pedan (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Alexandr Pedan was driving a BMW cabriolet during today’s show of Brothers Safronov. It was demanded from the presented to drive the car into dufort, and then the car with presenters was supposed to disappear. During this simple task Sasha pushed on gas so hard that the cabriolet bounced on the sidewalk and the audience numbed when the bottom of the expensive car hit on the ground. 


We asked Olga Freimut whether she got scared during this focus at what she said that when Sasha is driving ‘everything is slamming, roaring and we are in puddle’. Olga assured that she drives better than Pedan. She also confessed that they barely managed to dine in the town: ‘The doors of one of the restaurants were closed in front of me, even windows were closed – they probably suggested that “Revizor” is coming to them’, – said TV presenter. 


Watch more in the video


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