Oleksiy Chupa presents the book “Cherry and I”

On Sunday, June 5, at the presentation of a very special book in the "IL`KO Gallery", Oleksiy Chupa will speak about children and adults, loyalty and fear, summer and rain, Giant and cherry stone, oranges and butterflies… The book of Chupa "Cherry and I", which describes the charm and sorrows of childhood was recently published.

The beginning of the meeting is at 16:00. The moderator is Tomas Deyak.

"Cherry and I" will surprise readers who are familiar with the works of Oleksiy Chupa! The author of such books as "10 Words about Motherland", "Donbass Bums", "Tales of My Bomb Shelter", "Aquarium" wrote an incredibly touching and intimate story. "This is a story of an abandoned child and a lonely man – Oleksiy says. – I put in this book the most of my childhood experiences. In conversations of the main characters (Yarchyk and 6-year-old Cherry), there is a lot of my conversations with my own child that lives in me. In fact, it is the favourite of my own books, because I did not write about political / social contexts of violence that marks our lives. In some ways, this book is idyllic. And it is very, very me."

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