Oleksandr Kemenyash: Ratushnyak needs help

At the request of journalists deputy Kemenyash commented on the recent negative remarks in his address from the former mayor of Uzhgorod Serhiy Ratushnyak.

 Mukachevo.net. obtained the full text of Kemenyash’s answer

  "I would suggest to react to Serhiy’s statements calmly. We know that the fall has come, and for him it is a very difficult time. It is in autumn when mentally sick people often suffer breakdowns: a seasonal exacerbation begins. So let’s be generous and try to understand the man: he now, more than ever, needs help and understanding from others. 

Two years ago, Uzhgorod citizens drove him out of City Hall, ending his political career. Obviously, Serhiy still can not come to terms with his ignominious political end. Probably, it was due to emotional imbalance, which Ratushnyak is notorious for".

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