Oleksander Sevidov: “No more favors for “Goverla” from me”

Ex coach of "Goverla" Oleksandr Sevidov in his comments to the news service of the "Football 1" channel said he was not going to do Uzhgorod club any favors over debts.

"I do not understand how "Goverla" is going to receive a certificate if they have not paid me off. And I’m not even talking about other players and coaches. In addition, "Goverla", despite the decision of the FFU CDC, will not withdraw the claim from civil court.

Exactly one year ago, "Goverla" begged me to allow them to register new players because the FFU would not give them passports until they pay me off. Then, I did "Goverla" a favor and gave my permission. No more favors for them from me," – Sevidov said.


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