Oleg Lyubimov: Members of Vynogradiv district council are against the newspaper of the Party of Regions

On Monday, January 21, 2013, the Chairman of Vynogradiv District Council Oleg Lyubimov, in accordance with the Charter of the "Novyny Vynogradivschyny" municipal company, signed the order on the dismissal of the chief editor Vasyl Kish from his post. The reason is expiry of the contract whereby the editor was hired. The newspaper staff appealed to deputies of the district council about this issue.

Oleg Lyubimov commented on the events related to personnel changes in the municipal company of the district council.  He argues that the dismissal of the chief editor of the "Novyny Vynogradivshchyny" regional newspaper was legal.      
Also Oleg Lyubimov said that deputies had repeatedly expressed their stance: they suggested to reconsider the appropriateness of Vasyl Kish’s staying on the post of the chief editor. "Deputies claim that through the last three years, the newspaper became the ideological mouthpiece of the Party of Regions, they only voiced opinions of the representatives of this political force. According to the Charter, the editor should be politically unbiased and provide newspaper space to all political forces in the district council.  Unfortunately, it was not so. Moreover, during the last year’s electoral campaign, the chief editor became the authorized representative of one of the candidates for deputies and essentially turned the newspaper, which by the way is maintained at the expense of taxpayers, into his personal party tribune", – the head of the council says.
Oleg Lyubimov added that under the initiative of the deputies they plan to arrange for the audit of the newspaper because currently its financial condition causes great concern.

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