Officials of Yasinya village council embezzled more than half a million hryvnia allocated for the construction of a school playground

Employees of Rakhiv department of Tyachiv local prosecutor’s office registered the incident in the URPI under Part 3 of Art. 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (misappropriation, embezzlement, or obtaining property through abuse of office).

It was found out that Yasinya village council represented by the village head and "Dytyachi sportyvni maidanchyky" LLC entered into a construction contract, under which the latter undertook to build a playground in the territory of Yasinya secondary school №1 by December 27, 2015. Officials of Yasinya village council, in collusion with with the officials of the company, abusing their official position, for the purpose of embezzling the public funds in favor of third parties, on the day before the expiration of the contract, signed the drafted and submitted to the village council act of acceptance of construction work, which included knowingly false information about the allegedly completed construction work at more than 517,000 UAH. In actuality, the work was not completed. And the specified amount of money was transferred by the Yasinya village council to the Contractor which caused the material damage to the public interest at this amount. In addition, the prosecutor’s office appealed to the Commercial Court of Transcarpathian region with a claim in the public interest to Yasinya village council, "Dytyachi sportyvni maidanchyky" LLC to invalidate the act of acceptance of construction work and recovery of wrongfully accrued funds, which is currently under consideration.

Source: Prosecutor’s Office in Transcarpathian region

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