Officials and employees of the regional state administration are getting vaccinated against diphtheria

On the initiative of the Department of Health of the Regional State Administration, vaccination against diphtheria was organized at the dispensary of the institution. Civil servants and employees of the RSA are getting the procedure done. And some even with entire families.As of October 30, 188 employees have been vaccinated.
The doctor of the dispensary Irina Dankanych said that the vaccine is Indian. All patients take the procedure well, there have been no complaints of health impairment after vaccination. People will also be able to get vaccinated in the RSA dispensary next week on Monday and Wednesday from 9.00 to 12.00.
Director of the Department of Health of the Regional State Administration Yelizaveta Birov noted that there are enough vaccines for diphtheria and called on all those, who have not had time to be vaccinated, to do it.

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