Officially: two missing Uzhgorod girls are safe, though fleeing from the wrath of their parents

Three days ago, Transcarpathia was stirred by a disturbing news: in Uzhgorod, two girls, 17 and 18 years old, disappeared.

The mother of one of them, Kristina Husinka, a student of Uzhgorod Commercial Technical Colledge, reported that on September 30, the daughter had left the house and has not contacted the family since then. The same situation was with another girl, Yulia Svistak.

We asked law enforcement officers how the search for the girls is developing.

The spokesperson of the press service of Transcarpathian police Hanna Dan said that they had interviewed friends and parents of the missing girls and received a lot of information. Most of it is not disclosed in the interests of the investigation, but we can confidently say that the girls are alive and well, appear in social networks from time time, and their departure is a deliberate conscious action, not the abduction.

Meanwhile, in social networks, the girls’ friends say that they had long been planning to go somewhere together "on vacation", but their parents were against such voyages, and because of that the students ran away.

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