Now it is too early to transplant flowers, they may be stressed – tips flower grower

From the first spring sunshine Transcarpathian housewives rush to restore order in their gardens, near houses, to plant flowers in boxes on the balcony. So, decided to ask the experts what flowers and when to transplant from pots in beds.
A seller in flowers shop Victoria warns that it is too early to decorate your yard spring flowers. She says that even weather conditions are not favourable, nights are still frosty.
The best time for transplanting flowers out is the second decade of April. At this time housewives plant pansies, primroses, pelargonium and various shrub flowers like barberries, pomegranates.
Potted plants need care during the whole year. Victoria says that they have no season. And then if some plants are cramed in pot – they can be transplanted. It’s better to do that in spring. Before transplanting the soil should be warmed in order flower does not get stressed. And for its better grow, nourish them with vitamins and fertilizers throughout the year.


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