Not only visa document is needed on the Hungarian border

This year in the spring the Hungarian side has established the Ukrainian citizens’ border verification of the document under which the request for Schengen visa opening through the Hungarian structure consular was adopted. This caused a wave of people indignation which was even announced in the Head of the Transcaarpathian Regional Administration speech on the recent meeting of the Ukrainian-Hungarian Intergovernmental Committee.

To the question whether the rule is valid and still working the Hungary National and Tax Administration financial inspector Sabo Karol said that it is exclusively the Hungarian police competence, but according to his data this requirement is no longer works. The Consul General of the Hungarian Consulate in Uzhgorod Endre Salipski said that the Hungarian police have an absolute right to ask where and why a person goes abroad and ask to show some documentary confirmation (the hotel reservation, plane ticket, medical consent for admission, etc.). But this is concerned with the purpose of exact trip, because the visas are issued for a long period and the travel purpose is subject to change.    

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