Nostalgia for collective farm

The head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration received a letter from residents of the village of Iza in Khust district in which they strongly oppose the renaming of Kolhospna street to Yulian Revay street. The text of the letter was posted in the site of Hennadiy Moskal:

"Att.: the head of the Regional State Administration

Moskal H.


We are residents of the village of Iza in Khust district, Kolhospna street. We do not agree with the decision to rename Kolhospna street to Yulian Revay street. Please leave Kolhospna street unchanged. Otherwise, we reserve the right to block the road Mizhhirya-Khust. Residents of Kolhospna street.


Under the letter, there are 45 signatures.

The answer of the head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration: "I remind that in March 1939, Yulian Revay was the prime minister of Carpathian Ukraine, lived and worked in Khust (2 kilometers from Iza) – Hennadiy Moskal comments on the letter. – He was one of the most prominent figures of Transcarpathia, visited Iza many times. So, in March this year, I issued a decree to rename Kolhospna street, which comes under the law of discommunization, in honor of Yulian Revay. The residents of Iza themselves would not rename the street, although they had nine months for it. And now this letter. Some people have communist propaganda ingrained in their consciousness so deep that they are ready to block streets for it. On the one hand, collective farm, which brought so much trouble to Transcarpathians, on the other hand, our countryman and patriot Yulian Revay, who fought for Ukraine. I am not easily surprised, but residents of Iza did it! I categorically state that the street will not be renamed to Kolhospna. Let them block the road as much as they like. Some "collective farmers" …".


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