No waiting lists? The Prime Minister promises to arrange kindergartens for all the Ukrainian children within six months

August 15, at a regular meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said that already in 2013 our country should avoid any waiting lists to get to kindergartens.

"By the beginning of this school year over 100,000 kindergartens and nearly 200,000 more children will get an opportunity of pre-school education", – said Mykola Azarov . – "I know the situation in the regions, and know plans, so I can firmly say that next year no one should wait for his turn. Even considering the fact that in six regions of Ukraine births exceeded deaths and, thanks God, this trend is growing."

It seems that the Prime Minister still did not learn the situation with pre-school education in Transcarpathia. Indeed, according to the Regional Board of Education, the average enrollment rate to pre-school institutions in the region does not even reach as high as 60%. If 69.7% of children attend kindergartens in the cities, in rural areas the figure is lower – 55.3%. According to this data, the worst situation in Mizhgirja, Rakhiv and Uzhgorod districts.

So, these realities in Transcarpathia beg the question by what means shall the Prime Minister increase the number of places in kindergartens and pre-school education will cover 100% of our kids? Perhaps this is another preelection promise given by the government’s leader, in addition to the promises that before September 1 all the schools in the country should be equipped with inner toilets or provided with school buses. However, we may see if the promises of the current power are reliable already in two weeks.

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