No victims, the cause of the fire and the damage are being established (PHOTOS)

According to the State Emergencies Service Office in Transcarpathian region, the fire in a multistory building on Hodynka street in Uzhgorod has been completely eliminated.

Recall that the fire started in an apartment located on the third floor of a nine-storey residential building.

Firefighters of the 14th state fire and rescue unit were sent to eliminate the fire. In total, 14 people, 2 units of the main, 1 unit of special and 1 unit of auxiliary equipment were employed.

Upon arrival, the rescuers divided into groups. One group started to eliminate the fire, the other ensured the evacuation of the residents of the building. In total, 20 people were evacuated. In addition, two people, residents of neighboring apartments, were taken outside. Due to the thick smoke in the corridor, they could not do it on their own.  

The cause of the fire and the material damage caused are being established.

The fire destroyed furniture and household appliances in two rooms of the apartment. Also, household items were damaged. 

Nobody died or was injured during the fire.

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