No school tomorrow!

Tomorrow Uzhgorod children are not going to school – the city government announced urgent quarantine.

According to the head of the city Sanitary Epidemiological Service Serhiy Schubert, the SARS epidemiological threshold has been exceeded more than 1.4 times, and the number of ansent children in schools today is 15.4%, ie 2,477 children, of whom 2,037 did not attend lessons and 440 are preschoolers who did not go to kindergartens.

Therefore, the Mayor Victor Pogorelov decided to issue an order, whereby from tomorrow, Thursday, March 21, restrictive measures (known to the public as a "quarantine") are announced in Uzhgorod schools. It will last until April 1 and will take up only two days – this Thursday and Friday – outside of holidays, which were to begin on Monday.

As for kindergartens, the appropriate services were ordered to check all institutions and determine whether to apply quarantine there.


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