No hospitality: a journalist was attacked in one of the Roma settlements (PHOTOS)

In Transcarpathia, journalist of the "Ukrainska Pravda" Eldar Sarakhman was attacked in one of the villages populated with representatives of Roma nationality.

A trip to the richest Roma village in Transcarpathia almost ended tragically. Internal conflict between the leaders resulted in a damaged car, almost lost equipment. I’ve got back the phone. It’s scary when there are one hundred angry Roma around, banging on your car, tearing your clothes and blocking the way out with SUVs, – the journalist wrote.

He explains that he came to the Roma village to shoot a story "without provocations", no shooting without permission was planned – only with the consent of the parties. This is why Sarakhman was so outraged about the attack.

On his Facebook page, he also posted several photos that he managed to take with the caption: "And it started so well…"


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