Nights should be quiet – Uzhgorod city council

Today, at the session of Uzhgorod City Council, the deputies supported the decision to supplement the Rules of the city maintenance (approved by the decision № 136 of 26.12.06) concerning the rules of trade at night. This was reported by the press service of the City Council.

The document, in particular, prohibits the work of catering facilities located in residential neighbourhoods. The right to trade at night is granted to entrepreneurs, who:

– have not been subject of complaints about the organization of work and ensure the observance of public order in the premises and adjoining territory;

– timely pay local taxes and fees and have no arrears.

The adopted additions, among other things, state that night-time commercial activity may be carried out by economic entities subject to an appropriate decision of the executive committee of the Uzhgorod City Council.

Managers of trade and restaurant facilities:

– are obliged to ensure that the available noise levels of the working equipment, ventilation systems, loudspeakers, and the limits on the work of musical bands in restaurants are observed;

– bear personal responsibility for observance of public order in the facilities and in the territory adjacent to them, the safety of visitors during working hours, for observance of silence at night.

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