“Nightmare on Lavrishchev Street”: an Uzhgorod woman turned its apartment into a landfill (PHOTOS)

Sometimes we see stories about people turning their apartments into dumps on TV. But, as it turned out, sometimes such incidents happen right next to us.

Uzhghorod resident Fedir Kovach wrote about the "nightmare on Lavrishchev street" on Facebook.

In one of Uzhgorod buildings, neighbors complain about a woman who has turned her apartment into a landfill. People are asking for help and advice on what to do.

"In the apartment, there are 10 cats and a truckload of garbage. Children: one does not respond, the other one is sick. We do not have a house management company. There is a fire hazard, the danger of spread of infectious diseases. If there are lawyers, who are willing to take up this case, we will be very grateful", – the author of the photo comments.


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