Next year entrants will have evaluation tests in six languages

Next year, during the external evaluation, Ukrainian school leavers will be checked more thoroughly than before.

Each center where they will be taking tests will be equipped with metal detectors, according to a story of TSN.

Registration for testing will begin in the middle of New Year holidays – on January 4. It will last until March 5. Applicants, as the last year, will be able to have tests not only in Ukrainian, but also in six languages ​​of national minorities. To do this, during the registration they will have to indicate the corresponding request.

Among innovations: there will be less test questions on the history of Ukraine, World History and physics, respectively, less time for the test. And it will be harder to cheat, as they say at the Ukrainian center of knowledge assessment. 

"If after the third, fourth, fifth reminder a guard with a metal detector finds the same number of mobile phones, as we already seized before, it means that all of us need to shape consciousness" – explained the director of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment Irina Zaitseva.

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