Next week, we will know exactly how to conjugate the name of the city on the Latorytsia

Next week, there will be a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on State Construction, Regional Policy and Local Self-Government.

At the meeting to be held on September 21, they will consider the issue on renaming of the Transcarpathian city on the Latorytsia, the reports.

Then, they will decide whether the name will remain Mukacheve or will be called Mukachevo.

Linguists say: the word should be conjugated as a noun, not as an adjective.

As for the flection, there is no unanimous opinion. Linguist Oksana Kalita notes that Mukachevo is a Russism, like Vnukovo, Domodedovo. Doctor of Philology, Professor Oleksandr Ponomariv argues that the flection "o" is a dialectism.

The head of the department of the Institute of Ukrainian Language professor Katerina Horodenska said: "The local name of the city is Mukachevo. But it is customary to adapt toponyms to the norms of the Ukrainian language. The name "Mukacheve" is recorded in the book of administrative-territorial division of Ukraine. The name may be changed to "Mukachevo" only by the decision of the government, but there are no prerequisites for it".

Scholars believe that the name "Mukacheve" is grammatically correct and motivated. The decision of the Verkhovna Rada on the issue will be known next week.

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