Next Sunday is the Fruit Day in Uzhgorod

Today, September 30, at 15.40, in the press center of the Regional Health Center (Teatralna Sq., 6), there will be a press conference on the "Fruit Day" in Uzhgorod. 

The participants of the press conference are:

Olga OLEKSYK – Regional endocrinologist

Victoria MUNCHAK – the Chairman of the Diabetic Union of Uzhgorod

Stepan OLENCHUK – social activist, co-organizer of the event

   At the press conference, they will discuss issues of prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Also, they will talk about a number of events to be held in Uzhgorod, on Sunday, October 5, during the "Fruit Day".  The purpose of the campaign is to promote a healthy lifestyle and a balanced healthy diet. The program includes various workshops, fruit and pastries fairs, as well as many other useful and amusing entertainment. Also, during the day all visitors will be able to measure their blood sugar levels. 

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