Aliya Maulesheva on Quick Mental Calculations

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Aliya Maulesheva on Quick Mental Calculations

Do you know what 387 times 620 is? Could you answer without using a calculator? Or instantly find the square root of 729 in mind? Most likely, you have found it difficult, which cannot be said about the children who have completed the Mental Arithmetic course in UCMAS.

At the UCMAS school, Mental Arithmetic is taught with the help of the ancient counting tool called Abacus. Children get the opportunity to learn how to quickly add, subtract, multiply and divide many-digit numbers in mind. Sounds impressive, right? Nowadays, mental arithmetic is considered a very promising area of intellectual and personal development of a modern child.

Everyone can learn to count quickly

In order to learn to count with the help of the Abacus, your child doesn’t need to be a genius. All children familiar with numbers from one to ten are able to learn how to use the Abacus. While counting with the use of the Abacus, you need to move the beads with both hands, and this allows you to harmoniously develop both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The child is taught to "show" the numbers, laying out the beads in a certain way.

The same applies to the visual presentation of various mathematical operations. Thus, the understanding of how to quickly perform a mathematical operation comes to the children. Later, the images of the Abacus are fixed in the child’s mind, facilitating the process of calculation. Pre-school children easily gain knowledge thanks to the game format.

Benefits of mental arithmetic

Some may doubt the practical usefulness of such capability, considering the ability to quickly count as just a trick to entertain relatives and friends. Yet in fact, mental arithmetic gives much more. It provides intellectual development at an early age.

Visualization of various mathematical operations is a very useful ability that allows you to increase your memory. Having completed the Mental Arithmetic course at UCMAS, each child has more than 500,000 images in their memory. The ability to visualize develops the ability of mental concentration and, accordingly, allows you to quickly fulfill tasks.

One should point out the influence of the knowledge gained at UCMAS on the child’s personal development. After a course of mental arithmetic, children become self-confident, no longer afraid of difficult tasks, and proud of themselves. This means that they grow up healthy individuals, and are confident that if they could cope with a complex mathematical task, they will be able to solve any problems.

Revolutionary Development Technique

According to Aliya Maulesheva, the head of the children's academy of intellectual development UCMAS, we live in a digital society, and it forms a radically new reality. Now such areas as information technology, robotics, etc. are actively developing, and the progress is moving at a rapid speed. The world is about to change very soon, and standard education will no longer be so effective. New professions will appear, and the new generation will have to find its place in the new world. That is why it is so essential to use innovative methods of development for children today.

How long does the course last?

For the first time in the Russian Federation, the Mental Arithmetic course appeared in our school UCMAS. It happened 4 years ago, and during this time the program has repeatedly proved its effectiveness. Training consists of 10 levels, for each of which 3-4 months are given. The full course starts from 2.5 years onwards. There is also a program designed for 12 levels, which lasts 4 years. The duration of each class is 2 hours, classes are held only once a week, which is very convenient.

Have you not signed your child up for the Mental Arithmetic course in UCMAS yet? It is high time you did this in order to provide the child with comprehensive development, both intellectual and personal. In the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, a study was conducted, the results of which confirmed that children undergoing mental arithmetic training concentrate on tasks and count in mind faster, and are able to make decisions independently.

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