What, where, when in Transcarpathia (20-21 of October)

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What, where, when in Transcarpathia (20-21 of October)

October 20 - the first Pottery Festival and the opening of the pottery workshop. The program: master classes and fair from potters and ceramists of the region and master of pottery from the city of Kosiv in Ivano -Frankiv region; folklore program from the Honored Academic Transcarpathian Folk Choir and the People's Amateur Folklore and Ethnographic Ensemble "Irshava Family"; traditional Transcarpathian cuisine. The event will be held within the project "Traditions of Transcarpathian Ceramics", which is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. The beginning is at 12.00 (entrance is free) (Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life,Uzhgorod).

October 20 - information and educational event dedicated to the All-Ukrainian Anti-Breast Cancer Day from the Ukrainian Medical Student Association (UMSA), the Regional Health Center and the "Plusmed" Medical Center. During the campaign, medical students, mammologist, ultrasound diagnostic doctor will not only advise on and explain the main risks and first signs of the disease, but also conduct a master class on self-examination using a silicone model. The beginning is at 10.00 ("Dastor" shopping center, Uzhgorod).

October 20 - master class on making of a stand using the decoupage technique. The beginning is at 10.30 (Hrushevsky st., 51, Uzhgorod).

October 20 - Presentation of a new collection of poetry by Lilia Batyuk-Nechiporenko "Laughter of Butterflies". The beginning is at 13.00 (Dukhnovich library, the city of Mukachevo).

October 20 - anniversary concert of the band "Rock H", 10 years on stage. The beginning is at 19.00 (Regional Music and Drama Theater, Uzhgorod).

October 21 - performance of the Lviv Chamber Orchestra "Academia" (manager and conductor - Myroslav Skoryk) during the 7th International Fest of Classical and Contemporary Music "Musical Constellation of Transcarpathia". The beginning is at 17.00 (Regional Philharmonic, Uzhgorod).

October 21 - Free tour. "Unknown Uzhgorod" (14.00), "My Mukachevo" (14.00), "Vynogradiv in Autumn" (14.00), "Sacral Khust" (17.00), Beregovo (museum of local lore) (14.00), Rakhiv (near the hotel "Yevropa") (14.00), Verkhnya Hrabivnytsia - Arpad line (14.00), "Medieval V.Berezny" (near the District State Administration) (14.00), Svalyava (near the oak) (14.00), the open air museum in Kolochava in Mizhhirya district (14.00), the village of Ilnytsia in Irshava district (9.30).

October 21 - children's play "Whom are we friends against?" The beginning is at 12.00, "The House of Bernarda Alba". The beginning is at 17.00 (Drama Theater, Mukachevo).

October 21 - Ladislav Dvorsky "The Jumping Princess". The beginning is at 11.00 and 13.00 (Transcarpathian academic puppet theater "Bavka", Uzhgorod).

October 21 - joint hike "Autumn colors of the "Smerekovy Kamin". The beginning is at 9.30 (start from the Novoselytsia tract, the village of Ilnytsia, Irshava district)

October 21 - the Hiking Club organizes another open hike to the Runa (Rivna) valley (1780 m) (number of participants is limited, payment required) (Perechyn district).  


- Transcarpathian artist Vasyl Bobita "The Colors of the City". Almost all works are exhibited for the first time. Every day, except Tuesday, 10.00 - 18.00 (Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life, Uzhgorod).

 - exhibition of the members of the Vynogradiv district organization "Mystetska Ugocha" (exhibition hall "Impasto", Vynogradiv).

- plein air works from Vynogradiv district (plein air "Masaryk. Our History and Our Present" (September 20-30) and Stuzhytsia (plein air "Lemko Pastels. Four Seasons" (October 5-15) (atrium of Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, Narodna Square, 4, Uzhgorod).

- solo exhibition of the teacher of the Mukachevo Children's Art School Raisa Dorozhnikova, dedicated to her 60th anniversary (the fireplace hall of the Children's Art School, the city of Mukachevo).

- works by members of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and young artists of Transcarpathia. Graphics, decorative and applied art. Every day (except Monday) 11.00-18.00, Saturday - 11.00-15.00, Sunday - 11.00-13.00 ("Uzhgorod" gallery), painting, sculpture. Every day, except Monday, 9.30 -17.30 (Transcarpathian Art Museum, the city of Uzhgorod). 

- personal exhibition of works by Mukachevo artist Igor Lutsenko (Consulate General of Slovakia in Uzhgorod, Lokota st., 4, Uzhgorod).

- personal exhibition of artist Ivan Klisa (Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute, exhibition hall,Arnold Grosha, m Beregovo, Kossuth Sq., 6).

- works by Serhiy Lakatosh titled "Silver Land". The exhibition features eight paintings and two sculptures ("One Space", Ilona Zrinyi st., 39/2, Mukachevo). 

- "Colors of my life" - personal exhibition of a member of the National Union of Masters of Folk Art of Ukraine Anatoliy Lakatosh (City House of Culture, Beregovo).

- photo exhibition "International Salon of Art Photography: Carpathian Drag" organized by the Union of Photo-Artists of Transcarpathia and the Transcarpathian Local Lore Museum (Transcarpathian Local Lore Museum, the city of Uzhgorod). 

- photos by Illya Popovich and Dmytro Shakhayda "Grain. The Art of True Photography" ("Tree Espresso Bar", Uzhgorod).

- photo exhibition of works by Transcarpathian poet Olga Timofeeva (Transcarpathian universal scientific library, the city of Uzhgorod).

- "Masterpieces of the Museum Classics Collection. Exhibition of works by the People's Artist of the USSR Mykola Glushchenko (1901 - 1977). Etudes." Dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine and the 70th anniversary of the Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum; another exhibition - works of fine arts and sculpture dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum "Masterpieces of the Museum Classics Collection. Art of Transcarpathia 1948 - 2018" 9.30 - 17.30 (Transcarpathian Art Museum, the city of Uzhgorod).

- a new exhibition "Autumn colors in the work of A. Kotska" (Memorial House and Museum of People's Artist of Ukraine Andriy Kotska, Vinnychna st., 20, Uzhgorod);

- displays, old photos, works by F.Manaylo (Memorial House-Museum of People's Artist of Ukraine F. Manaylo, Drugety st., 74, Uzhgorod);

- 77 works of the People's Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Mykyta (visit by arrangement with the author) (museum of V.Mykyta, Sobranetska Street, Uzhgorod).

- Botanical Garden of UzhNU. Every day, except Saturday - Sunday, 8.00 to 16.00, tours for groups - 8.00 to 14.00 (Olbracht st., 8,  Uzhgorod).

Photo by O.Shtefanyo

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