What, where, when in Transcarpathia (9 - 10 of December)

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What, where, when in Transcarpathia (9 - 10 of December)

December 9 - an exhibition of Transcarpathian contemporary art "Farewell to the Word!.." with the support of the BrovdiArt Cultural and Art Foundation. The curator of the exhibition is Uzhgorod contemporary artist Taras Tabaka. The exhibition of contemporary Transcarpathian art will feature paintings, graphic art, photographs, objects and installations (Cultural and Historical Center "Owen Nest", Uzhgorod).

December 9 - Bear's Workshop. Master class from Alyona Bulyna - mistress, who makes cosmetics, the founder of the brand and a home souvenir store "Home Sweet Home". She will teach you to make soaps with a festive shape, aroma and mood. Age of participants - 4 years and older (children under 12 years must be accompanied by parents). The price is 120 UAH. Bonus for the participants - a thematic excursion from the museum. The beginning is at 15.00 (Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life, Uzhgorod).

December 9 - tourist excursion project "Open Transcarpathian Smithy". The beginning is at 14.00 (Territory of the "Historical Smithy-1701", "Detsa u Notarya", the city of Uzhgorod).

December 9 - on the occasion of the 25th anniversary, the choir "Cantus" will perform selected works from their own repertoire and fragments of the "Christmas Oratorio" by Bach. The guests of the concert are the instrumental ensemble "A Cappella Leopolis" (the city of Lviv). The beginning is at 18.00. Tickets are required (atrium of the Regional State Administration, Narodna Square, 4, Uzhgorod).

December 9 - cocnert of DZ'OB - the band from Dnipro, which plays a mix of electronic and contemporary academic music. The beginning is at 19.00. (Ilko Gallery, Koshitska street, Uzhgorod).

December 9 - awarding of the winners of the regional football championship. The beginning is at 14.00 (the city of Irshava).

December 9 - Festive chess tournament for St. Nicholas Day. The beginning is at 10.30 (District House of Culture, Khust).

December 10 - Band "Vandor" will present the first album "Vuiko Matsur". The beginning is at 19.00 (ticket price is 120 UAH). (Ilko Gallery, Koshitska street, Uzhgorod).

December 10 - "Erasing Borders" travel show presents the film "Morocco". In addition to the exciting show, you will have the opportunity to win a trip to Morocco. Entrance to the presentation is free subject to pre-registration. The beginning is at 18.00 ("Owl's Nest", Uzhgorod).

December 10 - Open tour, visiting the exhibition of old clothes. The beginning is at 14.00 (gathering near the sun dial, city center, Irshava).

December 10 - Sentimental story "Dreams of Achneus" based on the work of Charles Dickens. The beginning is at 11.00 and 13.00 (Transcarpathian Puppet Theatre "Bavka", Uzhgorod).

December 10 - "Mowgli" (directed by Natalia Tymoshkina). The beginning is at 12.00 (40 UAH), romantic operetta in 2 acts "Sharika" by (directed by People's Artist of Ukraine Anatoliy Filipov). The beginning is at 18.00 (60-80 UAH) (Regional Music and Drama Theater, Uzhgorod).

December 10 - Weekend Music. Concert of the chamber orchestra (director - Vladyslav Yurosh). The beginning is at 16.00 (Regional Philharmonic, Uzhgorod).

December 10 - opening of the New Year's fair (Karpatska Sich street, Khust).

December 10 - holiday draughts tournament on the occasion of St. Nicholas Day. The beginning is at 10.30 (District House of Culture, Khust).

December 10 - birthday of the cafe - 5 years! Program: 12.30 - cartoon "Despicable Me 3", 14.00 - entertainment for children, 15.00 - cartoon "Moana", 17.00 - dumpling eating competition (prize - 5000 UAH), 18.00 - film "Pixels", 20.00 - film "Destination Point 5". Free entrance, pre-registration required (cafe "Cheburashka", city center, Irshava)


- Works (sculpture, graphics) of Uzhgorod sculptor, Honored Artist of Ukraine Bohdan Korzh (on the occasion of the 65th anniversary). Every day, except Monday, 11.00 - 17.00, Saturday, 11.00 - 15.00, Sunday - 11.00 - 13.00 ("Uzhgorod" Gallery, the city of Uzhgorod).

- presentation of works of a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, laureate of the regional Y. Bokshay and A. Erdelyi prize Anna Landovska (on the occasion of the 55th anniversary). The exhibition "About what surrounds me..." features about 40 works made for the most part during the last 5 years (atrium of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, Narodna Square, 4, Uzhgorod).

- Hexagram - group exhibition of works (painting, graphic, arts and crafts) by six artists - Svitlana Kyrlyk, Tetyana Ivanytska, Emma Levadska, Andreia Pavuk, Tetyana Levlyas and Viktoriya Manaylo-Prikhodko. Every day (except Monday) 9.00 -17.00 (Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum, the city of Uzhgorod).

- "Still Lifes" of Uzhgorod artist, researcher, teacher of the Transcarpathian Academy of Arts Roman Pylyp (art cafe "Voto", Voloshin street,  Uzhgorod).

- "Parallels of Being by Maria Mytryk" (art salon "ArtPro", Svoboda ave., Uzhgorod).

- Ukrainian artist Tiberiy Silvash, who works in the genre of a new abstract art (born in Mukachevo, lives and works in Kyiv). This is the first time Silvashi's works will be presented in Transcarpathian region as a holistic project. Every day, except Monday 11.00-21.00, Sunday 12.00-19.00 (Art Center "Ilko Gallery", Koshitska street,Uzhgorod).

- a unique exhibition of old clothes of Luhansk region of mid XIX - early XX century "Evacuated collection" (regional history and local lore museum of the House of children's art, Irshava).

- permanent ensemble exhibition "History of Transcarpathia from the 8th century to 1919" (the project was implemented thanks to the close cooperation of the Transcarpathian Regional Local Lore Museum and Nyiregyhaza Museum, with the support of the Consulate General of Hungary in Uzhgorod and with the assistance of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration and the Transcarpathian Regional Council (Kapitulna st. 33, the castle, Uzhgorod).

- permanent exhibition "Wooden church architecture of Transcarpathia". Features 109 paintings by Ivan Shutyev from the series "Prayer in Wood", 43 models of folk craftsman from Mizhhirya district Andriy Vorobets (Pirogov st. 4, Mukachevo).

- art of A. Kotka. Every day, except Monday. 10.00-17.00, Sunday - 13.00-17.00 (Memorial House and Museum of People's Artist of Ukraine Andriy Kotska, Vinnychna Str., 20, Uzhgorod).

- Permanent exhibition of Fedir Manaylo. Every day except Sunday-Monday - 9.00 - 17.00 (Memorial House and Museum of F. Manaylo, Drugety st., 74, Uzhgorod).

- Permanent exhibition of the People's Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Mykyta (visit by arrangement with the author) (museum of V.Mykyta, Sobranetska Str. 68/2, Uzhgorod).

- exhibition of Transcarpathian rural life items. Every day (except Tuesday) 10.00 - 18.00 (Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life, Uzhgorod).

- excursions to the Saint-Miklos castle (the village of Chynadiyevo, Mukachevo district).

- Exhibitions. Every day, except Monday, 9.00 - 18.00 (Kuruc lane, Palanok castle, Mukachevo).

- unique weaving patterns. 9.00 - 18.00 (Monday to Friday, lunch break - 13.00 to 14.00) (Museum of Weaving, the village of Cherna, Vynogradiv district).

- Exhibition of historical and regional folk museum "Sriberna Zemlya" (the village of Hrushovo, Prykordonna Str., 2, Tyachiv district).

- Exhibitions. 9.00 - 17.00 (local lore museum, Khust).

- Exhibition of kerosene lamps, consumer items, and exhibition devoted to the events in the east (on weekends - on request) (the District Historical Museum, Irshava).

- Exhibitions of the Museum of Beregovo district (Beregovo, Bethlen, Str 1).

- Exhibitions of the Museum of Weaving (the village of Velyki Beregy, Beregovo district).

- Museum of Mountain Ecology and Natural Resources of the Ukrainian Carpathians. 8.00 to 17.00 (lunch break - 12.00 to 13.00) (25 UAH - for adults, 18 UAH - for students, 12 UAH - for shoolchildren (central manor of the CBR, outskirts of Rakhiv).

- thematic exhibitions: "To the 100th anniversary of the UPR", "Folk customs and rites of the region" (Museum of local lore, Pirogov st., 1, the city of Khust).

- Exibitions of District Historical Museum (Shevchenko street,Vynogradiv).

- Exhibitions of the historical museum (the village of  Kvasovo, Beregovo district).

- ethnographic museum "Verkhovyna" - interesting exhibits of our ancestors. Every day, except weekends, 9.00 - 14.00 (school, the village of Volosyanka, Velyky Berezny district).

- Village Ethnographic Museum (the village of Pryborazhavske, Irshava district).

- Museum complex "Old Village". Every day (no breaks and days off) 8.00 - 18.00. Admission fee: adult - 40 UAH, privileged - 30 UAH, children - 15 UAH. Guided tour: up to 10 persons - 100 UAH, up to 20 persons - 150 UAH, up to 30 persons - 200 UAH. Riding on a motor trolley - 50 UAH in the museum "Kolochava narrow gauge" (the village of Kolochava, Mizhhirya district).

- Tisa museum complex - skansen (house of a poor man, rural school and house of a wealthy farmer, the historical museum in the former Foharashi estate). 11:00-19:00 (Shevchenko st., 74, the village of Tysobyken, Vynogradiv district).

- Museum "Lemko Household". Every day, except Tuesday and Sunday -11.00 -19.00, the museum "Roma Kolyba" (a hut with a straw roof and a forge) (the village of Zarichovo, Perechyn district);

- Museum of Rural Life and Customs "Sklad" (the village of Dubrynychi, Perechyn district);

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