Transcarpathians and astrology: some thoughts of famous people

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Today, March 20 is the day of the vernal equinox. Also, today the world celebrates the International Day of Astrology.

Opinions of astrology in the society are quite opposite. From absolute trust to complete rejection. The first group usually appeal to the fact that studies on the impact of stars on people have been conducted since ancient times, and if this factor was false, astrology would not have survived to the present day. In addition adherents of astrology are convinced that our science still knows too little about the possible impact of so-called "subtle interactions" and indeed about the structure of the universe to flatly reject other still unidentified theories. Even such "pillars of science" and philosophy as Isaac Newton, Johannes Kepler, Gottfried Leibniz and others seriously studied astrology and made a considerable contribution to its development.

Opponents also have many arguments, especially since there is indeed a lot of charlatans among those who call themselves astrologers.

 We decided to check with some well-known Transcarpathian of different professions, which is their perspective on astrology, and asked them the following questions:

- How do you feel about astrology and horoscopes in general? Can the stars affect human lives?

- Do you check your horoscopes? Have you heard anybody of your colleagues doing it?

- Why do you think so many people trust astrologers?

  Famous artist Petro Sholtes:

- I believe in God, believe in fate, believe in horoscopes - I do not believe only politicians and high rank officials (laughs). Indeed, there is some impact, and it is really felt. I was born under the sign of Libra, and I know that many famous artists are also Libras. For example, Caravaggio, Watteau, Roerich and others.

It also influences the character, I really hesitate much, take a long time to make decisions, pondering subjects, actions. There are many pros and cons in it.

Elvira Kilaru, Honored Journalist of Ukraine, for many years has worked as the chief editor of Romanian-language programs of the regional television:

- Wanting to know themselves, people seek answers from those who they think can tell them their destiny - astrologers. There is another category of people: those who are familiar with the logic and psychology and can describe themselves better than others. But the tale about forune-tellers is very beautiful and mysterious.

Why do ordinary people rarely believe in predictions?Because they understand that they need to feed their families today, and to work for it. And if the stars promise them riches... This is nonsense! Although I admit, sometimes I also read horoscopes, however, I try to critically analyze them!

Margarita Moschak, restaurateur:

Astrology is interesting for me. Sometimes I check horoscopes, but often I just compare which prognoses have fulfilled and which ones have not.

People need to blame their problems and failures on someone of something else, for example, the stars (laughs).

Deputy of the Regional Council Andriy Sheketa:

- I am a fatalist and I believe in fate. It is possible that the stars affect some energy flows in the universe that affect people who came into this world at a certain time.

But given that astrological forecasts and horoscopes now are written by everyone and their mothers, it is reduced to the level of entertainment, I can not take it seriously. I remember a joke: "It is a pity that it's only in horoscope where I have love, money and travels."

Robert Horvath, MP of Ukraine:

- I do not believe astrologers and women! (Laughs). A man must decide and build his fate himself! When people are faced with incomprehensible things that they can not explain: religion, astrology, etc. - they are at "crossroads". And, especially in the difficult, critical time, they begin to believe either one or the other...

In any case, horoscopes continue to enjoy great popularity and even the biggest skeptics occasionally look up horoscopes. Because everybody knows their zodiac sign!

We build our own universe ourselves. So let there be many good pages in it, regardless of what the stars will say about it.

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