Who is running for the Regional Council in Uzhgorod

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Who is running for the Regional Council in Uzhgorod

6 seats - the names are listed in the order of constituencies - from 47 to 52 - as listed on the CEC website, opposite the name of the party is the first number in the list

Party of Hungarians Ukraine - Borto Yosyp - pensioner

Erfan Francisk - the Director of the Y.Bokshay Museum

Shterr Atilla - the editor of the Transcarpathian Regional TV and Radio Broadcasting Company

Oleksandr Doktor - the assistant chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional Council, City Council Member

Kulin Zoltán - the Deputy Director of the Transcarpathian Regional TV and Radio Broadcasting Company, City Council Member

Pihulyak Mykola - the Head of city planning, architecture and municipal economy department of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration

Mikulin Victor - head of the department of the National Pedagogical University 

Solidarnist - Moskal Hennadiy - the head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration

Svitlyk Yuri - entrepreneur

Hisem Miroslav - Chairman of the Board of the "ComInvestBank" JSC, PARTY OF REGIONS

Halas Yaroslav - the Director of the Department of Information and Communication of the Regional State Administration

Serbaylo Andriy - unemployed, former member of the Komsomol

Dovhosh Oleksandr - the head of foreign economic relations department of the "Vorskla Stal" LLC

Bulanov Rostislav - teacher, school №19, City Council Member

Vidrodzhennya - Koshelya Vasyl - unemployed

Selmensky Stepan - Vice-Rector of the "East European Slavic University", Party of Regions

Zilhalova Maria - Credit union "Hosen", City Council Member

Ilnytsky Petro - Senior Associate of the Law Center "International Law" LLC, Party of Regions

Travina Olga - Deputy Mayor of Uzhgorod, United Center, City Council Member

Flenko Volodymyr - Deputy Mayor of Uzhgorod as stated on the website of the CEC. In fact, advisor to Pogorelov

Andriyiv Andriy - individual entrepreneur, Party of Regions

For Human Rights - Kuzyo Vasyl - pensioner

Bihun Mykola - pensioner

Flenko Vasyl - Director of the PE "Invazor"

Ostash Fedir - architect

Olashyn Vasyl - pensioner

Haydanko Ivan - pensioner

Batkivshchyna - Kemenyash Oleksandr - Deputy General Director of the "PI VI" LLC

Kysylychyn Serhiy - head of payment cards department of the branch of the "Oschadbank" JSC

Sushko Andriana - Head of Labor and Social Protection Department of Uzhgorod City Council

Shanta Serhiy - Director of the "Solaris-Energy"

Roman Lyudmyla - Director of the "Uzhgorod economic lyceum"

Shchadey Victor - unemployed

Bilak Pavlo - teacher of UzhNU

Svoboda - Kutsyn Oleg - Company Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Vashchenko Igor - Director of the "Ex.Ta.Vi." LLC

Leonov Eduard - unemployed

Tkach Tetyana - specialist of the general department of Uzhgorod City Council

Lelekach Natalia - Head of the Trade and Consumer Protection Division of the Economy Department of

Uzhgorod city council

Lelekach Tomas - unemployed

Harmasiy Irina - Editor of the Transcarpathian Regional TV and Radio Broadcasting Company

United Center - Baloha Victor - Deputy of Ukraine

Smolanka Volodymyr - Rector of UzhNU

Kruchanytsya Vasyl - Chief Doctor of the Transcarpathian Regional Narcological Dispensary

Kuzma Boris - Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional organization of the Union of Artists of Ukraine

Kozak Tetiana - chief doctor of Uzhgorod city center of primary health care

Kalamunyak Miroslava - Director of the "Uzhgorod Clothing Factory" JSC

Bretsko Miroslav - unemployed

Nash Krai - Hisem Volodymyr - CEO of the "Zakarpatsadvynprom", PARTY OF REGIONS

Hymynets Volodymyr - Professor of International Economic Relations Department of UzhNU

Hetmanenko Oleksiy - deputy head of business on public organizations of the Western Office of the "PrivatBank" JSC, United Center, City Council Member

Shpilman Victoria - doctor of the city center of primary care and social assistance

Prikhodko Volodymyr - Professor of International Economic Relations Department of UzhNU, candidate for the mayor from the Party of Regions

Kindrat Oleksiy - the general director of the "Zakarpatbud" LLC, United Center, City Council Member

Klyap Marianna - deputy director of the Educational and Research Institute of Eurointegration Studies of UzhNU, PARTY OF REGIONS

Samopomich - Ivan Beletsky - soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ulihanets Oleksandr - entrepreneur

Povkhan Ivan - Manager of the "GMD" LLC


Schubelka Tetyana - entrepreneur



Opposition bloc - Ledyda Oleksandr - President of the handball club "Karpaty-Uzhgorod", PARTY OF REGIONS

Alexiy Volodymyr - entrepreneur, the Communist Party

Pavley Volodymyr - Architect

Yevhen Molnar - teacher of the Carpathian University

Petrova Alla - MPP "TV and Radio Company Danio", Party of Regions

Yulianna Bed - Director of the "GAMMA - Uzhgorod" LLC, City Council Member, Party of Regions

Mandryk Kateryna - PE

Socialists - Hrab Svitlana - Secretary of the State Enterprise "Transcarpathian expert technical center"

Hrab Ivan - programmer of the "Your trading system" LLC


Ortutay Lyudmyla - pensioner

Tovt Oleksandr - counsel of the "Terminal Karpaty" LLC



Spilna Diya - Pavlova Oksana - director of the "WellNet" LLC

Yesenov Oleksandr - lawyer

Popov Oleksandr - unemployed

Kadyshevych Eric - student

Simonov Anatoly - entrepreneur

Tsyoma Rostislav - unemployed

Svechnikova Natalia - kiosker, Ukrposhta

UKROP - Negrya Vlasta - PE




Tokach Yuri - PE


Kocur Andriy - unemployed

Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko

Kordonets Vladislav - Director of the PE "Promtehobladnannya"

Chyzhmar Katerina - director of the Center of retraining and advanced training of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

Shafar Yaroslav - Deputy Mayor of Uzhgorod, City Council Member

Keshel Christina - PE

Bordash Marianna - Chief specialist of the Pension Fund of Ukraine Office in Uzhgorod

Holinka Nelia - PE

Zelena Planeta - Yaryna Yevhen - Director of the "Expert" LLC

Sochka Vladislav - unemployed


Kudilchak Oleksandr - lawyer


Shafranyosh Miroslav - associate professor of UzhNU

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